BMW 315 PS DA 2 (1929)

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BMW 315 PS DA 2 (1929)

BMW 315 PS DA 2 (1929)

BMW 315 PS DA 2 (1929)

BMW 315 PS DA 2 (1929)
BMW 315 PS DA 2
The BMW 3/15 was BMW's second car, first produced in July 1929.

After the end of World War One the situation for BMW - which was founded as an aero engine manufacturer became difficult. The Versailles treaty strongly restricted airplane manufacture in Germany and companies had to look for other fields of business. So BMW turned to truck and boat engine, motorcycle and later car manufacture. When the BMW Dixi line collapsed, BMW took the opportunity and bought the license for the Austin seven as well as the Eisenach factory. For the first months the production of the car continued as BMW 3/15 PS DA1. The BMW 3/15 PS DA1 had many different body shells so it was one of the first customizable cars. The designation was derived from the taxation class (3), engine power (15 hp with PS being the German equivalent of hp) and DA stands for “Deutsche Ausf├╝hrung” (German version).

Engine: 4 cylinder water cooled four-stroke, 750 ccm, 15 hp
Weight: about 400 kg
Top speed: 75 km/h (45 miles/h)
Acceleration 8 to 40 km/h (5 to 25 miles/h): 10 seconds
Fuel consumption: 5-6 liter/100 km (mileage about 45 miles/gallon)

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